Michael Joannidis is a Montreal based designer. Specializing in site-specific statement pieces and signature one-off custom design. Multidisciplinary_ working across interiors, furniture, lighting, and architectural product design. With over twenty years of international experience in highend Hospitality and the luxury goods market. Originally founded in London, with the primary goal of creating something that cannot be compared to anything else - (fueled by Henry Royce's creed; to "strive for perfection... to accept nothing nearly right or good enough and if it doesn't exist, create it" ). 


Driven by the potential of what has not yet been done, everything about this critically acclaimed designer's work aims to challenge our visual expectations anew. Regardless of mandate or discipline, each new design begins incisively with the same exact objective: Start from scratch. Raise the bar. Create an exceptional unforgettable experience, for the user and defy convention. Reset... Repeat.  


Classically trained as a sculptor, rounding off his formal training with a Master of Arts in industrial design from the Royal College of Art (UK). Recipient of an Academy Award Technical Achievement in lighting design_ from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Los Angeles.

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